For Immediate Release:

February 2022 (Ottawa/ Toronto, ON)

The new single “Top Down” will be the first to hit the road, and let’s just say it’s going to be a wild ride!

Dubbed as Canada’s Pop Dynamo, Andrew Cassara is ramping up for a new album release in 2022! This will be a record year for releases for Andrew as the buildup of anticipation reaches new heights for the follow up of his Factor supported 2020 release “Freak On Repeat”. With almost half a million cumulative streams on the album, and over a quarter of a million views on the associated music videos, the stage is set for Andrew to turn the engine and hit the road with the “Top Down” and the music blaring!

“I’m really excited to release this new album. I’ve been continuing to push outside of my comfort zone to try new things when it comes to writing songs. Top Down is one of the first songs to be written for the album and feels like daydream drive with the wind flirting through my hair as I speed down the coast with no destination” says Cassara!

The new album will continue to pay homage to the retro sounds of funky disco and 80’s pop, with songs like “Top Down” but Andrew is also modernizing on tracks like “Breathe” and Where Do We Go”! The new album will bridge Andrew’s funk vibes with some intense modern pop elements.

Even with all of the Covid restrictions associated with 2021, Andrew and his team managed to make it to Mexico for a short performance tour and a media blitz that resulted in over 60 media engagements! The momentum in Latin America continues to grow and Andrew’s top streaming countries continue to be Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Columbia!

After a quick run to Eastern Europe, playing festivals in Lithuania, and Sweden, Andrew is back in the studio finishing up the new album, and will be putting together the new show as restrictions let up, and touring resumes.

“Top Down” hits the streets on February 25th worldwide and will be accompanied by an AI created lyric video that is sure to hypnotize you!











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