Andrew Cassara

Ricki Ayela


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SGMGroupArtists is a boutique indie label based out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Our mission is simple, to manage the development of world class artists.

Navigating today’s ever changing music industry requires an entrepreneurial approach and a passion for overcoming the odds. Operating with the mindset of a major label, we offer music business solutions for emerging artists requiring label partnership and, in some cases, career management. With our growing list of industry partners, both national and international, we work diligently to maximize the potential of the artists and the catalogues of music that we represent.

We have every angle covered, from music production, a studio facility, world-wide distribution and marketing partnerships, social media marketing and promotional campaigns, image development and branding, grant writing, social media content development, merchandise sales, radio campaigns, business planning, and management and that is just the start. We have developed a solid network of music professionals who partner with us to get the job done.

All of these elements are strategically woven together to build a realistic plan for presenting an artist professionally, and with relevance.



Steve is the founder of SGMGroupArtists. With an extensive background in music, including several major label deals (Sour Music Sony, and A&M records), a charted Canadian Single, a number 1 hit in Northern Europe, and 4 full length albums under his belt as a solo artist, he has grown over the years and adapted his entrepreneurial spirit to take on many roles in the music industry. Today, Steve finds himself working as the leader of a team of music professionals as well as a songwriter, producer, engineer, and in some cases an artist manager. Under the SGMGroupArtists umbrella, he continues to exercise his musical talents by developing up and coming artists. He leads the SGMGroupArtists team in their mission to develop new artists signed to the label in both domestic and international markets.


Stan Casgar is a multi-talented music mogul, a musician in his own right, Stan has spent many years dealing with multiple facets of the music industry. Stan is now the “Everything that needs to be done guy” at the SGMGroupArtists office. Including: Web master, Coffee boy, Grant writer, A&R scout and all things administration.



Andy is a passionate student/musician currently in fourth-year of Industrial Design at CarletonUniversity. He is known for his positive radiation and drive to create solutions to overcome problems in a creative way. Most recently, he spent five months studying abroad within the Design Capital of the World (2018-2019), Mexico City, where he was enriched with the culture and profound knowledge of design from a different perspective

As a detail-oriented person, Andy enjoys creating graphics and works of art that are visually astonishing to the target market/user(s). With a devotion to design and music, he hopes to be able to merge his two passions through his work at SGMGroupArtists.

Our Twitter feed is currently unavailable but you can visit our official twitter page @SGMGroupArtists.