For Immediate Release:

February 2020 (Ottawa/ Toronto, ON)

The team at the SGMGroupArtists headquarters are very proud to present our Q1 releases for 2020!!

“Bad Bad” will be the lead off single from Andrew Cassara’s upcoming funk/disco flavoured full length album. The single will start an avalanche of releases for Andrew in 2020! You can hear the song on March 27, 2020 and pre-orders / pre-saves start on March 21, 2020.

“Freak On Repeat” Andrew Cassara’s first full length album (not counting 2019’s single compilation “The Big Bang” will be available for pre-orders/ pre-saves on March 29, 2020, and pre-orders for vinyl units start Sunday February 23rd right here FREAK ON REPEAT VINYL PRE-ORDERS!

“Over Complicated” a first pop E.P. for Ricki Ayela will be made available for pre-orders/ pre-saves on March 21st, with the E.P. full release on March 27, 2020!!

Finally, the Korean Edition of Andrew Cassara’s “Freak On Repeat” will be available to Korean fans on May 01, 2020 through our partners in Korea, Sound Republica!

With a newly formed partnership in Asia, we will soon be announcing the release of our catalogue to Chinese DSP providers! Dates coming for this soon!!!

SGMGroupArtists proudly continues on our mission to develop world class artists! For business inquiries, partnerships, or just to drop us a line and say hi, please contact us at