Steve Gardiner

While the heavy alternative sounds of Stone Temple Pilots, Our Lady Peace, with a touch of Beatles melodies are primary influences on Steve Gardiner’s sound, he has certainly forged his own way as a song writer, with heavy guitars, pop beats, and smooth thick melodies. With a #1 hit in Northern Europe ( “One Life”, with his band In and Out in the late 90’s, and a song that charted in Canada (“Empty House” A&M records), Steve has proven his ability to pen songs that compete with the best.

Steve’s solo career came to life after his band “Thermocline” called it quits in the late 90’s, and In the early 90’s, after being the front man for several bands, Including In And Out (A&M records Canada) Steve went live to promote his first solo CD, Noah’s Prescription. This first solo effort was quickly picked up by “Sour Music, Sony”. With promising success as a solo artist, Steve got the attention of Russell Broom, a Juno award winning producer based out of Calgary Alberta who had come across some new songs that Steve was working on. With the help of Bob and Clint Moffatt (The Moffats) on bass and drums, and Russell playing guitar and producing, a second solo album was born and “Sonic Leveling” quickly became a fan favourite with ear worms like “Liquid Karma” and Psychosexual. Steve did some extensive club and festival touring on both of these records up until about 2008.

In 2013, Steve proudly released his long awaited and highly anticipated third solo recording “Absence Makes The Heart Beat Faster.” on SGMGroupArtists Canada.  It’s a collection of rock songs (with a few club mix bonus tracks) that will be sure to win you over as a fan! “Absence Makes The Heart Beat Faster” is a collection of songs documenting his evolution as an artist, as well as many personal changes in Steve’s life from 2008 on. “Hyperactive” describes his jump into the club scene, where he re re-invented himself, while ” Addicted” talks about a rebirth into his true addiction….music!

Working from his studio in Ottawa this time, Steve not only produces and records his own music with his own band members, but he also serves other artists as a songwriter,  engineer and producer



O F F I C I A L  W E B S I T E 

Stefani Fedra

Stefani Fedra is a new up and coming recording artist from Ottawa, Canada. Having worked with her brother, writing and recording music in previous projects, Stefani has stepped into the spotlight to take the lead in what promises to be an exciting career in music. 

In 2015, she has begun work with the SGMGroupArtists team and has signed a development deal that will most certainly provide her with a foundation, experience and resources necessary to find a place for her in the Canadian music arena. 

Stefani and her new team are currently writing and recording material that will be released in 2015 as her first commercially available offering. With a few performances under her belt and the experience of her new team, Stefani is very excited to bring her music to market, and is hoping to have an impact on the music scene with her art. 


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4PointPanic is our own up and coming EDM music producer, beat maker, influenced by Deadmau5, Pretty Lights, Skrillex and other great electronic music revolutionaries, at 17 years old, this young genius is going to make an incredible mark on the electronic music scene when he comes of age. Currently under development with SGMGroupArtists, 4PointPanic is already collaborating on major releases with artists like Andrew Cassara and Stefani Fedra! A very bright future for an amazing young talent!!


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Andrew Cassara


Andrew Cassara is a Canadian-born singer-songwriter who has been writing and recording music and developing his unique brand of pop for over 4 years. Together with his current team at SGMGroupArtists, Andrew has developed his talents with great devotion and an unwavering work ethic. He is now consistently releasing new music and performing live both domestically and internationally.  He has developed a very strong presence online, and with a significantly engaging social media influence, he has establishing an ever-growing world wide fan base.


Over the summers of 2017/2018, Andrew and his band have become a familiar sight at many summer festivals and Canadian music venues, and in 2017, he and his band headlined the Youth X Canada Tour, which had him performing at Youth Centres across Ontario, Canada. The Youth X Canada tour was partnered by “Partners For Mental Health, and Youth Centres Canada, in support of an open and honest dialogue on the subject of Youth Mental Health. Andrew has performed at many festivals in Canada; most notably at Ottawa’s RBC Bluesfest sharing the main stage with Chromeo, Lauv, and Shawn Mendes. He has also participated as a performing artist at the Live At Heart music festival in Sweden, and at  Zandari Festa in South Korea. He is also becoming a called-upon artist as an opening act for touring Canadian Artists such as New City, and Tyler Shaw.


2018 saw the signing of a licensing, distribution and marketing deal with a prominent Korean record label “Sound Republica”

To date, Andrew has released a full length Album entitled “The Big Bang”, and a few singles that have been exposed to Canadian CHR Top 40 radio in Canada. Andrew continues to take his music to live audiences and is enjoying an ever-growing fan base.

His new album is currently in the production stages and is slated for release in late 2019, with a leading single entitled “Get Down” which was released on January 11th 2019.



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