Canadian Pop Sensation Andrew Cassara Shows He’s “Better Off” & Moving On with Dancy New Single — Available Now!

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June 2022 (Ottawa/ Toronto, ON)

With an unspeakably massive musical presence in Latin America and expanding upswing into Europe, Canadian pop sensation Andrew Cassara elevates the game with an infectiously groovy song about moving on and letting go with his dancy new single “Better Off” — available now!

Taking his international sound to new heights, Cassara seamlessly blends hints of disco with bright splashes of funk on “Better Off” to reinvigorate the pop music genre while breaking from convention. Cassara charts his own path drawing inspiration from genre-defying artists like Jamiroquai and Maroon 5.

Cassara’s inspiration for the sound of “Better Off” didn’t come from any particular artist, “the feel and direction of the song was inspired by my fans in Latin America that have been so supportive.” Cassara would develop a universal kinship with the people of Mexico, where an established fan base — some who even went to greet him at the airport — provided Cassara with the means for a small tour across the country.

Mexico’s passionate energy would provide all the motivation to create “Better Off” once Cassara returned home. “When I got in the studio, these thoughts inspired me for the overall feel for the melody and production that I wanted to add to this record as a thank you to the fans for their ongoing support.”

The rhythmic synergy of “Better Off” is only matched by the kinetic vocal performance delivered by Cassara, who fearlessly embeds messages of perseverance and self-love in the playfully deep lyrics.

“Played me once that made me cry, Gave me hope then fooled me twice, What is done is done, Now I know to run run”

Much of Andrew Cassara’s success stems from the seminal debut album reeased in 2020 entitled “Freak On Repeat.” The album went on to garner over 400,000 streams across digital platforms and over 400,000 views of music videos on video streaming platforms, despite an entirely independent album release.

Nominated for multiple Capital Music Awards, including Artist Of The Year and Album Of The Year in 2020, Cassara has also shared stages worldwide with some of the biggest acts today, including Shawn Mendes and Chromeo. Cassara is showing no signs of slowing down with an enormous international tour that stops in several countries across three continents this year.

Andrew Cassara’s latest sonic showcase of music brilliance, “Better Off,” is available now on all platforms.

Upcoming shows include a performance at Canadian Music Week on June 10th at 10pm at Bar Cathedral in Toronto, and he will be opening for Fishbach at the Drake Underground on Monday June 13!!

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Andrew Cassara is taking his Top Down and driving into 2022 with a new album!

For Immediate Release:

February 2022 (Ottawa/ Toronto, ON)

The new single “Top Down” will be the first to hit the road, and let’s just say it’s going to be a wild ride!

Dubbed as Canada’s Pop Dynamo, Andrew Cassara is ramping up for a new album release in 2022! This will be a record year for releases for Andrew as the buildup of anticipation reaches new heights for the follow up of his Factor supported 2020 release “Freak On Repeat”. With almost half a million cumulative streams on the album, and over a quarter of a million views on the associated music videos, the stage is set for Andrew to turn the engine and hit the road with the “Top Down” and the music blaring!

“I’m really excited to release this new album. I’ve been continuing to push outside of my comfort zone to try new things when it comes to writing songs. Top Down is one of the first songs to be written for the album and feels like daydream drive with the wind flirting through my hair as I speed down the coast with no destination” says Cassara!

The new album will continue to pay homage to the retro sounds of funky disco and 80’s pop, with songs like “Top Down” but Andrew is also modernizing on tracks like “Breathe” and Where Do We Go”! The new album will bridge Andrew’s funk vibes with some intense modern pop elements.

Even with all of the Covid restrictions associated with 2021, Andrew and his team managed to make it to Mexico for a short performance tour and a media blitz that resulted in over 60 media engagements! The momentum in Latin America continues to grow and Andrew’s top streaming countries continue to be Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Columbia!

After a quick run to Eastern Europe, playing festivals in Lithuania, and Sweden, Andrew is back in the studio finishing up the new album, and will be putting together the new show as restrictions let up, and touring resumes.

“Top Down” hits the streets on February 25th worldwide and will be accompanied by an AI created lyric video that is sure to hypnotize you!











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For Immediate Release:

February 2022 (Ottawa/ Toronto, ON)

Announcing the release of Ricki Ayela’s brand new track “Out of My head”

Ricki pours her heart out in this introspective track, you can hear the vulnerability in her voice as she explores self awareness! The official music video is beautifully filmed and edited and really brings out this emotional outpouring visually!

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New Release Announcement June 2021 !!

For Immediate Release:

September 2020 (Ottawa/ Toronto, ON)

First, lets talk about Almyr Jules! Fresh out of the oven, and a great follow-up to his first single on SGMGRoupArtists, Almyr presents “Don’t Go” another sweet sentiment crafted into a great musical track! If you loved the first single, you will love this one!!







Next, let’s go to Andrew Cassara and his latest video release for the single “Gimme More Bass”! This is the 4th video release from the “Freak On Repeat” releases and highlights the great energy of Andrew and his band in a live presentation. Enjoy this one!!!







Last but not least, Ricki Ayela releases her latest single “Toxic” This is our favourite release from Ricki and we look forward to seeing how this one does! Highlighting her angelic voice, this track is bound to be banger!!



For Immediate Release:

September 2020 (Ottawa/ Toronto, ON)

Ricky Ayela will be starting 2021 off with a bang! The release of her new official music video for “Perfect Two”, from her “Over Complicated” (Extended) E.P.!!

Album Link

The brand new video premieres Jan 13, 2021 at 3 pm Eastern Standard Time RIGHT HERE!!!
Be sure to tune in to catch the world premiere!!! Join us and leave your comments, follow Ricki on You Tube and Spotify and join this emerging Canadian Artist as she propels forward into the Canadian Pop music scene!!!

Andrew Cassara – New Video – New Single!

For Immediate Release:

September 2020 (Ottawa/ Toronto, ON)

Exciting times for Andrew Cassara! First let’s talk about the video release for his current single “Shock”.  The new video is available here SHOCK VIDEO and is the last piece of a two part video series directed by Hannah Dougherty, produced by Film Boldly and funded in part by FACTOR, the Government of Canada and Canada’s private radio broadcasters. Ce projet est financé en partie par FACTOR, le gouvernement du Canada et les radiodiffuseurs privés du Canada. Before you watch the Shock video though, you want to see the first part of the story here FINGERTIPS VIDEO

Stream Shock the single on your favourite platform here: !

In addition to all of this, we are seeing radio play in the UK and a radio campaign starts this October for all of North America for the Shock single.

Andrew’s debut album “Freak on Repeat” is Available now & shipping worldwide on CD & Vinyl: New Freak on Repeat, Cassara Crew and all other official merch is available on the Andrew Cassara Shop:

So much happening with Andrew including a re-release of his album “Freak On Repeat (Deluxe) featuring 2 new tracks, “Shock”, “Gimme More Bass” and a remix of “Get Down” by PsychoSonic. This will be an all in one package available on October 16th!!! It will be available digitally as well as on CD!!

For everything Andrew, please visit ANDREW’S WEBSITE!!

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Ricki Ayela – Over Complicated (Extended)

For Immediate Release:

September 2020 (Ottawa/ Toronto, ON)

Ricki Ayela will be releasing her latest E.P. Over Complicated (Extended) on October 9th, 2020. The new release includes a brand new single entitled “Love Me” which will be the lead off single supporting the E.P. This song exemplifies the idea of “girl power” in that it speaks to the idea of loving yourself first, and not relying on others to provide any kind of validation. It’s a celebration of healthy independence. The release will be backed by a robust social media campaign. We encourage you to mark the date and enjoy this new release!


Andrew Cassara Video Premiere 12 NOON EST

For Immediate Release:

September 2020 (Ottawa/ Toronto, ON)

Today marks the premiere of the first part of a 2 part music video series that we will be releasing over the next few weeks.

Part 1 is the Official Music Video for the previously released Single “Fingertips”, directed by Hannah Dougherty and produced by Film Boldy in Vancouver, BC. It is an artistic video told as a short story, and features Andrew depicted as an eccentric artist on a quest to better himself. The creative mind behind the story is Hannah Dougherty, a Vancouver based director who is known for her interesting and provocative storytelling through film.

Part 2 features the new single “Shock” (a new single releasing tonight at midnight EST on all digital platforms) and continues the story where the “Fingertips” video leaves off. It rounds up the two part music video series nicely, ending with an important lesson, and a solid resolution between Andrew and his creation.

Both music videos are fun, colourful and strangely refreshing!!

The Fingertips video premieres today at noon EST right here: FINGERTIPS OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE

We hope you will join us for the premiere and drop a comment to let us know what you think!!

Make sure to check out SHOCK on Spotify starting at midnight tonight!!!