For Immediate Release:

13 August 2018 (Ottawa, ON) – With SGMGRoupArtist’s new distribution deal with AWAL, we have decided to release a compilation album of Andrew Cassara’s past singles (of which there are many) in order to make it easier for fans to buy or stream past releases all in one shot and to clean up the back catalogue online making it an easier and cleaner shopping experience! “The Big Bang” title refers to the fact that most of the songs on this album were the first recordings by Andrew Cassara and his team, and they are the tracks that have helped this emerging young artist burst into the limelight! So these tracks started it all! With an ever-expanding music career with endless potential, we could not think of a better title for this compilation of past releases! It will be available on September 14th at all your favourite places to buy or stream great music! Pre-order September 01, 2018 on iTunes!