For Immediate Release:

September 6 /2019 (Ottawa, ON)

SGMGroupArtists are proud to announce the release of Andrew Cassara’s “Dancing Mono” to Canadian CHR Top 40 and Hot AC radio now!! With some representation through Tandem Tracks, and with distribution through SGMGRoupArtists / AWAL, this new single represents yet another step in Andrew’s contribution to the Canadian ┬ápop music scene. With several trips planned this fall to Asia, including Singapore, and Japan, we look forward to requests at radio back home for this new song, and we hope that radio programers across the country will give this one a shot!! Thanks to the stations that have already picked it up, and we look forward to bringing you more music as 2020 brings a full album release (with financial assistance provided by Factor), a tour of Asia, and another fast moving year for Andrew and his team!